Saturday, 16 October 2021

Day 16 Dogtober - FREE Steven Universe Watermelon Dog Pattern

Hello again, another free pattern today for Dogtober. This is a simple and easy pattern for a Watermelon Dog from Steven Universe. He is very basic and uses very little in the way of materials making him one of my more accessible patterns this month.
Like always my patterns are written in US crochet terms. This one is super simple for beginners.

  • Light green and dark green medium weight yarn
  • Crochet hook, I'm using a 3.25mm.
  • Yarn needle
  • Dark green permanent marker
  • Black fine tip permanent marker
  • 2 Safety eyes
  • Pink felt
  • Polyfil or scraps for stuffing 
  • Fabric glue.

Work in Light Green
1: 1SC INC x6 (9)
2: (FLO INC) x3, 6SC (12)
3: (1SC INC) x6 (18)
4:  (SC2 INC) x6 (24)
Insert safety eyes.
5: SC14, PC, SC5, PC, SC4 (24)
6-9: SC24 (24)
10: SC14, PC, SC5, PC, SC4 (24)
11: SC24 (24)
12: (SC2 DEC) x6 (18)
13: (SC1 DEC) x6 (12)
14: DEC x6 (6) and close up, leave a yarn tail.
Loop extra yarn tail through the butt and use it to chain a tail for 6CH then finish off.

Leaves (x3):
1: CH7
2: Starting in 2nd chain from hook. SL then 3HDC in same stitch. Do this 4 more times. the SL in the last stitch in the chain and SL back into the first and finish off.

  • Using your dark green marker draw on stripes and eye spot.
  • Stitch one leaf onto the end of the chain tail.
  • Stitch a leaf on either side of the head for 2 ears.
  • Cut a small semi-circle out of pink felt and draw the seeds with black marker.
  • Glue this felt on under the muzzle.
  • Draw a nose on the end of the muzzle with your markers.

And you're done, enjoy your new friend!
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You can sell items made with this pattern with credit to me as the pattern writer. You may not sell the pattern as your own.

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